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Finisterre day tour | The Way Services

Finisterre day tour

Muxía - Finisterre - Costa da Morte

Price: 50€ (including a free gift at our shop)
Group discounts and customized itineraries available.

We leave from: Pilar Church (next to Alameda Park) 9:30h

Returning at: About 18:30h


WhatsApp: +34 638 859 764
Phone: +34 981 58 55 80

Berenguela Gift Shop (in the Cathedral complex)
Plaza de Platerías, 8. Santiago de Compostela


  • Enjoy the final stage of The Camino by reaching Cape Finisterre (km. 0)
  • Come with us and say your farewell to the Camino in a delightful ride with a like-minded small group. Our vehicles are comfortable and our staff is knownledgeble and friendly.
  • The highlights include Muxia’s famous Sanctuary, quaint phising villages, the Ezaro waterfall which cascades into the sea and Carnota enourmous Horreo.
  • Our route even reaches the Rias Baixas in Muros and many more sights.
  • There will be time to enjoy local food and refreshments (not included).

Other itineraries: Ribeira Sacra, Rías Baixas, Islas Cíes

This post is also available in: Spanish


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Pilgrims who decide to continue on their way as far as Fisterra-Muxía, will find very early on a place of extraordinary architectural and natural beauty: Ponte Maceira, only 8 kilometers from Santiago. The place takes its name from the bridge, which was one of the main bridges of this land for centuries, used by travellers and pilgrims to cross the …

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