Sarria_-_Iglesia_de_San_SalvadorThe church of St. Salvador of Sarria is located on the busy Calle Mayor of Sarria, whose route coincides with the French Way, such that, the Way runs beside the north wall of this church, which has witnessed the passage of pilgrims for centuries. It is simple Gothic architecture but with two splendid original doorways.

The church also retains its original apse, a semicircular structure, built with great blocks of granite and divided into three sections by columns. Many stones of its walls have stone lapidary signs.

The main door, facing west, has three pointed archivolts, the two outer ones supported by columns with capitals with vegetable and figurative decoration, while the inner one is supported by two jambs. Over the doorway, a small oval oculus illuminates the tribune and interior of the church.

800px-Iglesia_de_San_Salvador_de_Vilar_de_Sarria_(6549486547)The northern doorway opens onto the Way of St. James, it has a tympanum carved with an archaic and enigmatic figure of Christ in Majesty, with his arms raised and two trees on either side. The tympanum is also support by two rabbets decorated with individual human heads.

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Text: Rosa Vázquez

Photos: Wikipedia Commons (Zarateman, José Antonio Gil Martínez)

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