grupo peregrinos clase 8 (creo que es la mejor)Workshop and The Way Services have decided to get together to organise courses of Spanish language and culture in the Way of St. James.

Our new format combines Spanish language and culture lessons with a pilgrimage through the Way of St. James. We offer a unique experience which allows you to learn and enjoy at the same time. In the first week you will follow five days of intensive classes and cultural activities in Santiago de Compostela. Then you will participate in a pilgrimage on the Way of St. James, walking or cycling.

Two weeks of full immersion learning, having the opportunity of improving and practicing your Spanish in both classroom and ordinary, day to day contexts. The groups will be small so as to guarantee individual attention, in both the classes and the pilgrimage.


During the first five days the course will be given in Santiago de Compostela, on the premises of Workshop International. The course has been structured to offer you a full immersion in the Spanish language and culture in the most natural way.

Our programme combines Spanish language lessons with many cultural class.greenRoomand leisure activities, among them an interesting offer of lectures on Spanish culture, the city of Santiago and the Way of St. James. There will also be a session on Spanish cinema with discussions supervised by our teachers, etc.

Furthermore, there will be many outdoor activities: visits to the city, its monuments and museums accompanied by qualified specialists.

You will have also the opportunity to know more about the Spanish and Galician gastronomy, for this purpose we will organise a visit to the Santiago food market, one of the most famous of Spain, to see, know and taste the best food and wine of this region.

Between culture and leisure we will offer you the possibility of visiting of the most famous bars and cafes of Compostela and of having conversations and discussions with your teachers and fellow students.

All the activities, in the school and outdoors, will be conducted in Spanish and you will be accompanied by one of the Workshop teachers.

Camino de Santiago, Spain.The second part of the course will be in The Way of St. James.

The group will begin short a pilgrimage on foot or by bicycle, one of our tours on the Camino, but one which is long enough to get the famous “Compostela” or accreditation of your pilgrimage. Please find the information about our tours on this website.

During the pilgrimage there will be some activities specially designed to improve your new knowledge of the Spanish language, and, of course, the Way will provide you with many opportunities to communicate along the route.

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