800px-Santiago,_Catedral_Porta_Santa_01-02-P.LameiroThe Jubilee of Mercy is an Extraordinary Jubilee which will be a major event in the Catholic Church from December 8th 2015 to the November 20th 2016.

Like most jubilees, it will be a holy year of remission of sins and universal pardon, on this occasion focusing particularly on God’s forgiveness and mercy. It is an extraordinary Jubilee because it had not been predetermined long before, as usually happens with ordinary jubilees, which are every 25 years in Rome or, as in the case of Santiago de Compostela, each time the St. James feast day falls on a Sunday (which happens approximately every 6,5,6or 11 years). In fact, the 2016 Jubilee was announced by Pope Francis only at the beginning of 2015.

800px-Catedral_de_Santiago_de_Compostela_5-José_Antonio_Gil_MartínezIn the preceding months it was stressed that the Pontiff wishes the Jubilee to be celebrated not only in Rome and Santiago but in all local churches around the world: for the first time holy doors will be opened in single dioceses, either in the main cathedral or in local historical churches.

Pope Francis, with reference to the opening of the Holy Door, says: ″the Holy Door will become a Door of Mercy through which anyone who enters will experience the love of God who consoles, pardons, and instills hope″.

Text: Rosa Vázquez

Photos: (José Antonio Gil Martínez, P. Lameiro)

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